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PC & Laptop Repairs

Samford    Computers    has    over    20    years    experience    repairing    and    upgrading    Computers    and Laptops. No   job   is   too   small   and   we   will   give   you   an   honest   appraisal   in   regard   to   your   computer   needs and how best we can assist you in the care of your device.

Computer Virus

Every week we get calls from customers about Virus infections and Malware. Samford Computers has been using and recommending AVG and Trend Micro for years. Recently AVG has merged with Avast and we find their Cloudcare antivirus product very effective in helping to prevent your device from getting a Virus or Malware.

Data Recovery & Backup

Computer no longer turns on ? You can no longer read the Data on a external Hard-drive ? Samford Computers & IT Services has the latest recovery hardware and software to recover your valuable Data.

Custom Built Computers

Whether you are a home user or run a small or large business, Samford Computers can build Pc`s, Servers and Laptops to suit your individual requirements.
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